BAPE | G-Shock On an All-White DW-6900 


BAPE has partnered once again with G-Shock, and for this latest go-round, the two brands have gone to work on the classic DW-6900 model. Rendered in a crisp white shade, the standard digital model is marked with A BATHING APE branding throughout: there’s an Ape Head on the case back as well as the backlight afterglow, along with “A BATHING APE” printed in black on the dial and matching white resin band. BAPE’s signature camo in a minimalist black-on-white print, appearing throughout the strap, completes the look. Look for the BAPE x G-Shock DW-6900 to launch March 11 at select BAPE stores and Date: 3/11/17 (Saturday)

Source: BAPE Joins Forces With G-Shock On an All-White DW-6900 Watch – Freshness Mag


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